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Expert Used Car Inspections That Provide The Information That You Need

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About Lemon Protector

The Most Comprehensive Used Car Inspection

Lemon Protector provides the most thorough and accurate used car inspection available. We check 450 points on the vehicle including the engine, ignition, transmission, exhaust, brakes, electrical system, body, chassis, suspension, fuel system and steering. All vehicles are test driven and lifted to check the underside condition, exhaust and steering components.

The Auto Inspection Expert

We have over 25 years of experience in inspecting used cars of every make and model. We combine our extensive knowledge with the latest diagnostic technology to pinpoint potential problems and provide you with a true evaluation of the vehicle. All of our technicians are skilled inspectors that are specially trained to meet our strict requirements.

Buy With Confidence

Don't buy someone else's problems. We remove the uncertainty by providing the information that you need to make an educated decision. We help you save money and avoid mistakes.

What Makes Us Different

  • Comprehensive 450-Point Car Inspections - We check the entire vehicle.
  • Over 25 years of Experience - We are professional and knowledgeable auto inspection experts.
  • Speak To The Actual Technician - The inspector who evaulates the vehicle will contact you post-inspection to discuss the results, problems that were found and answer your questions. We are the only pre-purchase used car inspection service in the area that allows you to speak to the actual inspector. Why is this important?
  • Searching for Clues - We evaluate the vehicle and look for clues that indicate bigger problems.
  • Better Than Auto Mechanics - Mechanics are proficient at repairing problems. We are used car inspection specialists. We find problems that mechanics miss.

Why Choose Lemon Protector?

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Our Services

Car Inspections Are Our Business

We are pre-purchase used car inspection specialists with exclusive expertise in evaluating and diagnosing mechanical, electrical and body issues. Our bumper-to-bumper inspection examines the entire vehicle. We provide you with accurate, up-to-date information about the car's condition.

Expert Diagnostics

Lemon Protector is the authority when it comes to discovering hard-to-find mechanical and electrical problems. We look for things that others miss and successfully detect mileage tampering, concealed problems and dishonest practices.

We Test Drive All Vehicles

In addition to checking all systems, we test drive the vehicle to see how it drives, how it handles and how it sounds.

Vehicle Information That You Need

We provide you with a detailed written report, free title search, free vehicle history report and free vehicle book value appraisal to help you make an educated decision about the automobile. We are also available to answer any questions that you may have.

Discovering Hidden Accidents

Body and chassis damage can dramatically reduce your vehicle's value and affect its performance. We examine the entire body and chassis using sophisticated body and paint analysis.

Pre-purchase Used Car Inspections and More

The primary reason for a used car inspection is to evaluate a local vehicle before purchasing. But there are other popular applications of our used car inspections that include:

  • Expiring Warranty
  • Purchasing in the New York area when you live somewhere else
  • Pre-College Evaluation - Relax, knowing that your child's car is in perfect shape.
  • Giving Car to Family Member or Friend - Be sure that the car is problem free.

More About Applications for Used Car Inspections

Our Service Approach

Your Satisfaction Is Most Important

We are committed to providing you with professional service, unsurpassed customer support and exceptional value.

We Work For You

Our objective is to give you the information that you need to make a good decision about purchasing a used car. You can rely on our honest evaluations and unbiased advice.

Reliable Local Business

Lemon Protector is a local business - not a franchise or national chain. We are reliable and trustworthy and offer unbiased, honest car evaluations. We are an owner operated business and put a high importance on your feedback.