450-Point Car Inspection

Starting at $139

  • Inspection of Entire Car
  • Detailed Inspection Report
  • FREE Title & History Report
  • FREE Book Value Appraisal

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Used Car Inspection Services

Lemon Protector offers the most comprehensive used car inspections that evaluate the operation and condition of the entire vehicle. Inspecting a car before purchase helps buyers avoid costly repairs and improve negotiations with the seller.

Full Service Car Inspection

We offer one level of premium service - a bumper-to-bumper, full inspection of the entire vehicle. Our philosophy is that any vehicle inspection that we perform must be at the highest level of quality. We believe that purchasing a vehicle is an important decision and that the buyer needs all the information about the vehicle before making a decision.

Starting at $139

Lemon Protector's Comprehensive Used Car Inspection

Automobile System Included
Engine Belts
Drive Train
Radiator and Cooling
Air Conditioning
Fuel System
Oil - check condition and for leaks
Vehicle Fluids - check condition and for leaks
Body Damage - paint, dents, rust and scratches
Chassis Damage
Tires and Wheels
Exterior and Interior Lights
Glass and Windows
Safety Devices - seat belts and air bags
Undercarriage - check all systems under vehicle
Look for evidence of accidents or flood damage
Test Drive Vehicle
Title Search FREE
Vehicle History Report FREE
Consultation With The Actual Inspector
Complete Inspection Report
Vehicle Book Value Appraisal FREE
Professional Advice
Computerized Engine Analysis
PRICE Starting at $139

All Inspections Include

  • Thorough Diagnostic Evaluation - Our evaluation is the most complete that you will find. We inspect 450 different points on the vehicle, examine the engine and all systems, scrutinize the body and chassis, check the underside and test drive the car to identify all potential problems.
  • Computerized Engine Analysis - We use the latest diagnostic equipment and inspection tools.
  • Phone Consultation with Actual Inspector. - You have an opportunity to review the results of the inspection, discuss issues that were identified and ask questions. Why a consultation is important
  • Professional Experience - By combining our extensive automotive technical knowledge with 25 years of diagnostic experience we have developed a pre-purchase car inspection process that addresses all of the vehicle's systems and checks potential trouble areas that are often overlooked.
  • Detailed Written Report - We provide a complete written report of our evaluation that identifies any needed repairs along with an estimate of the repair cost. Lemon Protector's used car inspection offers the information necessary to make a smart purchase.
  • Free Title Search, History Report and Book Value Appraisal

Diagnostic Equipment

We use the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment available including:

  • Ferret 63 Diagnostic Engine Analyzer (cars older than '96)
  • Ferret 59 Direct Ignition Analyzer (cars older than '96)
  • Elcometer Paint Gauge Meter
  • OBD II Diagnostic Scanner
  • Snap-on MODIS
  • Snap-on SOLUS
  • Sonarscope Engine Stethoscope